BRITEQ COB fresnell, 100W

Sort, DMX. 1 eller 2 kanaler

Varenr: THEATRE 100EC-BT
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•Cost effective LED theater spot with manual 10° ~ 50° zoom.
•Not only for use in theatres but also perfect for showrooms, shops, exhibition booths, rental, …
•The powerful 100W white COB makes it a perfect replacement for a traditional 1000W halogen theater spot: max 7800 lux @2m (beam angle: 10°)
•No more heavy and expensive dimmer packs needed!
•Color temperature 3200K with high CRI-factor: 85 for natural colors
•LCD-display to select different working modes: Standalone (master) Mode : set dimmer + strobe (if needed)
Master/slave mode: connect several projectors together, the first projector controls the others.
DMX-controlled, 1CH: dimmer
DMX-controlled, 2CH: dimmer, strobe
•Selectable lamp behavior: halogen lamp (slow) or led (fast)
•Four dimmer curves: linear, square, inverse square, S-curve
•In case of DMX failure you can choose between blackout and freeze mode.
•Partly extruded black anodized aluminium housing with strong bracket
•Neutrik PowerCon in/outputs: easy daisy chaining of several units.
•Both 3pin & 5pin DMX in/outputs for maximum compatibility
•Forced very low noise fan cooling
•Color frame for use of color filters and barn doors included

Technical Information
•Mains Input: AC 110V - 240V, 50/60Hz
•Power consumption: 125 Watt max.
•Fuse: 250V T2A (20mm glass)
•DMX connections: 3pin + 5pin XLR male / female
•DMX channels used: 1+2 channels
•Lamp: 100W warm white COB 3200K, CRI = 85
•LED Refresh rate: 1200 Hz
•Beam Angle: 10° – 50°
•Size: 226 x 278 x 305 mm (without bracket)
•Weight: 6,5 kg
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