DAD DSP2000 Forsterker m/DSP

2 x1050W @ 4ohm

Varenr: DSP2000-HL
10 540,-eks. mva
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Reaching an output power of 2x1050W @4Ohm, employs SMPS technology for power-supply stage and D-class for output stage, weighing 96,8kg only. Equipped with a 32/64 bit floating-point and 96kHz sampling rate DSP. These features make DSP2000 the right choice for professional loudspeakers and for Sub/MF/HF sections of multi-amplified systems.

Technical data DSP2000

8 Ohm stereo power (EIA/THD1%) 650Wx2

4 Ohm stereo power (Pulse) THD1%) 1050Wx2

8 Ohm bridge power (Pulse THD1%) 2100W

Frequency response 20Hz-20Khz@ 8 Ohm -0.5 dB

THD+N <0.1% Damping factor >60 S/N rate >96dB

Input sensitivity/gain 1Vrms/32dB/38dB

Input impedance (balance/unbalance) Balance 20K / Unbalance 10K

Output circuit class D class Protection Soft-start, short circuit, overload, DC, overheat, clip/limit, progressive volume

Cooling air-flow Airflow from front panel to rear panel.

DSP specification  

Crossover filtering Bessel. Butt. Link.-Riley (12,18,24.48dB/Oct.)

8- band Eq type Full paramtric, high shelf-low shelf (6-12dB/Oct.) EQ gain Adjustable from -20dB to +20dB

Crossover/Eq freq. band 20Hz to 20kHz, 1/36Oct.step pitch (19980 position)

Full parametric eq filter Q Adjustable from 0.404 to 28.852

Maximum delay 1S Limiter threshhold Adjustable from +20dBu to -20dBu,0,1dBu steps

Limiter release time Adjustable to 2/4/6/8/16/32 x the attack time Attack time Adjustable from 0.3 to 100 ms

Power voltage / frequency ~230V 10%/50Hz

Dimensions (WxHxD) 483x89x382mm

Net weight 6.8Kg Gross weight 8Kg

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