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2x8" + 1", 700W, 126 dB

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DAD Touring Power series is a complete range of audio systems, available in both active and passive version, designed to offer levels of sound definition, pressure and fidelity excelling in typical applications of professional audio.
According to this logic development of Touring Power series moved towards employment of Powersoft D-class amplifying technologies, DSP control and B&C Speakers components.
Advantages of these choices and high ratio between SPL, weight and dimensions allow improved speed of installing procedures and reduced loading volumes.

Touring Power series is composed of a large number of loudspeakers, allowing several possibilities of setup. Versatility is improved by reduced weighing, simple hanging hardware, careful design features like double angle of enclosures and horns rotation.

For sound reinforcement of large outdoor venues or hi-quality indoor installations, Touring Power systems offer:

- D-class amplifiers with swtiching mode power supply
- high efficiency in ratio between SPL and power consumption
- selected Neodymium components
- compact dimensions and limited weighing in relation to SPL output
- enclosures made in multilayer birch plywood, having thickness up to 24mm
- built-in hardware for simplified suspended installationActive loudspeaker, D-class amplifier, 3-way 700W, 126dB SPL
  • 2x8'' woofers with 2'' voice coil, one of which having coaxial design and equipped with 1'' HF compression driver, with titanium diaphragm and 1,4'' voice coil
  • 100°x100° (HxV) conical waveguide
  • 700W D-class amplifying system
  • Digital Signal Processor with 4 presets (full range-HPF-coupling-monitor) for selection of optimal frequency response
  • User control panel: selection of DSP presets, volume, LED level indicator, clip and protection indicators
Cabinet construction:
  • Asymmetrical trapezoidal profile, dual-angle (25°/45°) enclosure
  • 15mm multilayer birch plywood
  • Fast-locking ''fly-track'' suspension system or M8 eye bolt over 6 anchoring points
  • 35mm pole-mount adapter for stands
  • XLR Neutrik in/out; Powercon in/out
  • Excellent clarity in reproduction of voice and music for live and recorded performances
  • For sound installations in environments requiring dynamics and high sound pressure
  • Installed into theatres and congress halls owing to excellent acoustic performance
  • Mid-high unit in multi-amplified sound systems combined with DAD subwoofer
  • DSP presets for front-fill, near-field and mid-field monitoring, hi-mid section, array mounting

Technical DataTOURING208A
System typeActive – 3 way
Built-in amp (W/EIAJ)700W
AES / Program Power
Recommended amp 
Input impedance10kOhm
Coverage angle100°x100° (HxV)
Frequency response65-18.000Hz (±3dB)
Low frequency8” woofer / 2” coil
Low/High frequency8” woofer / 1” driver coaxial
Input sensitivity4dBu (1,228Vrms)
Max SPL-Cont./Peak120/126dB (Free Field)
Crossover frequency200/2000Hz
User controlsfull range-HPF-coupling-monitor
ProtectionRMS limiter, fast limiter, temp
Trapezoidal taper25°-45°
ConnectionsNeutrik XLR in/out; Powercon in/out
Dimensions (WxHxD)244x490x270mm

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