EQUINOX Flightcase for 4x Spark Stream

Passer 4x Spark Stream

Varenr: EQLED351C-PL
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This professional flight case has been designed to fit 4 Equinox Spark Streams. An additional accessory compartment is also included to hold power and DMX cables and Spark Stream granule pouches.

- Features 4 compartments for the Spark Stream plus an accessories compartment
- Interlocking tongue and groove edging ensuring that all lids and covers stay secure even in an impact and form a fully dust proof seal
- 9mm hexaboard plywood panels
- Fitted with metal tour label dish and label
- Heavy duty, industrial grade handles and butterfly catches
- All handles feature heavy duty rubber grips for comfort and non slip safety
- Riveted 35mm aluminium profile edge strips provide rigidity, strength and durability
- Heavy duty ball corners for added impact protection
- Internal dimensions: 295 x 285 x 210mm (per fixture compartment)
- Internal dimensions: 295 x 115 x 435mm (accessory compartment)
- External dimensions without wheels: 420 x 780 x 490mm
- External dimensions with wheels: 530 x 780 x 490mm
- Weight: 26.4kg

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