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FLEXA Kit med 6 x 4.75t Loadcell

Inkludert Gateway. Komplett i koffert

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Real Time Control System Wireless Shackle Load Cells

A revolutionary solution for wireless load cells. A true plug & play system with an innovative design and unique functions.
The cell structure consists of 3.2t and 4.7t WLL Van Beest Green Pin Shackles.
We have dedicated many resources to the development of the module that contains the electronics and battery holders. Everything has been designed to isolate the electronic circuits as much as possible with a double protective shell.
The batteries are compact and borrow design features from the camera industry to ensure stable performance and long life. The cylinder shape of the enclosure limits shocks and the anti-rotation ring is integrated into the pin, leaving the upper part of the shackle free.
The cylinder is made with semi-transparent polycarbonate to allow viewing the internal LED: this solution is very useful for identifying cells with anomalous loads. This also allows the "call me" function with which to turn on the LED from the interface to immediately identify the cell.

The tightening nut of the pin is a “crown” type which allows it to be fixed in the same position at all times, so as not to distort the pin calibration data. In addition, the magnetic key allows the nut to be unscrewed for complete disassem- bly.
No tools are needed to access the batteries, all you need to do is unscrew the cylinder from its aluminium ring nut without having to loosen any screws. The cylinder has no holes, and the ON-OFF switch is magnetic and without buttons for a high IP degree.


Main Features:

Max No. of cells per system: 100
Max No. of repeaters per gateway: up to 10
Load sampling: every second
Minimum transmission rate: every second or more
Real transmission rate: according to the load status (when the load stabilizes, the rate slows down)
Range (cells/gateway): 100/150m (line-of-sight)
Range (cells/repeater): 100/150m (line-of-sight)
Range (repeater/gateway): 300/500m (line-of-sight)
Data storage: local PC (connected to gateway via USB cable)
Repeater/gateway connection: wireless
Batteries: 2 x CR 123
Expected battery life: 3000/7000h
Radio frequency: Sub-1Ghz (868Mhz for Europe, 915 for USA, Canada and many other countries)
Installation: Plug & Play (no radio set up)
Grade: IP66
Enclosure: semi-transparent screwable cap

Range is intended for line-of-sight. Battery life depends on the transmission rate.
Technical data subject to change without notice.

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