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GDE Strømdistro 400V/63A 5p inn

2x400V/32A 5p ut

Varenr: PBL6365-ML
14 516,-eks. mva
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Power boxes designed for high versatility in electric distribution allowing a wide range of applications.
All power boxes are manufactured with high-quality components, in robust cases allowing a comfortable transportation.
The modular structure allows assembly of custom configurations according to specific requirements.
Each box is design and assembled according to CEI regulations and therefore supplied with certificate and technical booklet.Portable power-box for electric distribution, 63A 5p input plug
  • IP54 shock resistant, robust and mobile insulated thermoplastic box
  • Box dimensions (WxHxD): 32x32x32 cm
  • 63A-5p (3P+N+E) Panel-mount CEE plug, 400V 50/60Hz IP67, 1pc (code 913315)
  • 32A-5p (3P+N+E) Panel-mount CEE socket, 400V 50/60Hz IP67, 2pcs (code 912415)
  • Residual Current Circuit Breaker w  overcurrent prot, 4P, 7 mod, 63A, 10kA, 30mA, 1pc (code 923443)
  • Magneto-thermic Switch (1P+N), 2 modules, 32A/6kA, 2pcs (code 922112)
  • 4P Fuser block, 4 modules, 1pc (code 927114)
  • Triple LED indicator, 1 module, red color, 1pc (code 927321)

In1x 63A CEE plug
3P+N+G 400V IP67
1x Thermal-magnetic residual current operated circuit breaker (4P 63A Idn. 30mA) "Main switch"
Out2x 32A CEE sockets
2P+G 400V IP67
Protection2x Thermal-magnetic
circuit breakers
(4P 32A)
Control1x Fuse block disconnecting switch 3P+N1x Triple indicator lights
(line presence)

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