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KUPO PDB-P003-KDK strømutlegg, B-vare

16A rød 400V inn, 6 x shuko ut, B-VARE!

Varenr: PDB-P003-16a-KDK_B
1 492,-eks. mva
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NB! B-vare. Kontakt oss for mer info.

Electricity is the fundamental element and source to the lights. Stable and reliable distribution of power plays an important role in a successful
lighting performance. Kupo’s plastic power distribution is constructed of PA material which offers excellent insulation, impact-resistance and
flame-retarded features. With in-house bracket structure, it can be diversely attached to the truss or tube with combination of clamps. Other
than rigid PA material, this box is also fabricated with quality connectors, and assembled through experienced craftsmanship, which ensures
the durability and reliability.

6 x Schuko panel female (output).
1 x 16A 5P three phase CEE panel male
L1->channel 1 & 2.
L2->channel 3 & 4.
L3->channel 5 & 6.


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