LEDJ VersiMove 24 DMX kontroller

For bevegelige lamper/LED lamper

Varenr: LEDJ320-PL
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The VersiMove 24 from LEDJ is designed to offer control of intelligent lighting fixtures including dimmers, moving lights, LED par cans and fog machines. The DMX controller follows an intuitive layout using a combination of faders and rotary encoders together with a 2-line LCD display. To speed up the programming process the VersiMove 24 features a built in shape generator and HSV/RGBWAUV colour mixing coupled with full channel assignment across each fixture allocating the

- Control up to 20 fixtures, each with up to 26 channels
- All channels may be patched to suit the DMX profile of the fixture
- Pan and tilt jog wheels (fully patchable)
- 36 Scenes and 36 Chases
- Built-in shape generator offering eight shapes, each with size and speed control
- 4 built in colour effects/chases
- Data load/save function via USB
- Instant Hue, Saturation and Brightness controls (for LED fixtures)
- Fog machine control for 1 or 2 channel fog machines including manual or timed triggering
- Supplied with USB gooseneck light
- Power supply: DC 9V-12V, 300mA min (by adaptor included)
- Dimensions: 95 x 483 x 135mm
- Weight: 2.3kg

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