PROLIGHTS APIX6, 5x4 meter pakke

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Varenr: APIX6-5X4-ML
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In a fast paced market, the AlphaPIX family keeps ahead of the game by delivering top quality images every time with the latest high-resolution indoor LED displays.

The AlphaPix family use black faced SMD LEDs for high contrast and superb color consistency in a robust, lightweight die-cast aluminium housing. The frame and fast inter-lock system create a seamless image with minimal setup times.

To deliver a perfect image, the AlphaPIX series features a high refresh rate, advanced gray-scale properties, and automatic image correction along with a >140° viewing angle.

Rental-friendly die cast aluminium housing
Blackface LEDs for high contrast and superb color consistency
Magnetic front access Led Display Modules for easy and fast maintenance
Flicker free on camera
High performance video reproduction at every level of brightness
140° viewing angle
CE and EMC certified by TUV

Module size (WxH): 250x250mm
Panel size(WxHxD): 500x500x90mm
Vertical hanging system: built-in aliscaf clamp support
Cooling: Natural cooling of the peculiar chassis and to absence of fans
Connection: Seamless locking system
Body: Die-cast aluminium housing
Color: Black
Internal protection: IP40
Panel weight: 8kg
Weight per square meter: 32kg
Hanging Panel Quantity =: 20
Compliant Standard: CE
LED source: SMD2020 High-power FC black face
Pixel pitch: 6.2mm
Panel resolution: 80x80pixels
Module resolution: 40x40pixels
Luminous flux: 1200nit
Grayscale: 16 bit
Refresh rate =: 1920Hz
Drive Mode: 1/8 scan, constan current
Vertical viewing angle: 140°
Horizontal viewing angle: 140°
LED density: 25'600LED/sqm
Dead Pixel Ratio: <0,002
LED avg life span: 100'000
Control protocol: Novastar
Signal input: RJ45
Signal output: RJ45
Power input/output: PowerCON
Power supply: AC 110/230V 50/60Hz
Max power consumption (panel): 112.5W
Avg power consumption (panel): 37.5W
Max power consumption (sqm): 450W
Avg power consumption (sqm): 150W
Standby power consumption (pannello): 9.8W
Max rated current/panel:: AC 220V/0.5A
Max power output: 13modules
Working temperature: -10 ~ +40°C
Working humidity: 10 - 90%

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