DAD TDX9000 Forsterker 2 x3000W @ 4ohm

Bridge mode 9000W @ 4Ohm

Varenr: TDX9000-ML
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The TDX amplifier series employs amplification technology in Class I and power stage with a toroidal transformer. The operation in Class I is based on a continuous and automatic adjustment of the value of the supply voltage of the final stage. This optimizes the efficiency up to 85%, reducing the weight with the same power and heat dissipation. The models of the TDX series are able to operate with loads from 2Ohm and are equipped with an extensive set of protection circuits to satisfy the higher reliability parameters with fixed and mobile high-quality profile sonorizations.

TDX9000 is the most powerful model of the TDX series, featuring an output of single-channel power of 1800/3000/4500 W 8/4/2 Ohm
Bridge mode power: 9000 W 4 Ohm
These features make TDX9000 the right choice for professional PA systems and Sub/MF/HF sections in highly demanding sound installations.

Channels: 2
Circuit class: analog I class

Single channel power: 1800/3000/4500W 8/4/2 Ohm
Bridge mode power: 9000W 4 Ohm

Frequency responce: 20 - 20000Hz @ 8 Ohm (±0.5 dB)
THD+N: <0.1%
Damping factor: >100
Input impedance: 10kO
Signal/Noise rate: >100dB

Type: Trasformer
Operating voltage/frequency: 220 V ±10%, 50Hz

Input: Clip/limit, progressive volume
Output: Soft-start, short circuit, DC, overheat

Input mode: stereo, parallel, bridge / limiter
Input sensitivity/gain: 1Vrms/32dB/38dB

Indicators: 2 x LED bar - signal level, and over temperature protection

Input signal: XLR in/out
Output signal: 2 x 4 pole, binding post
Power connection: terminal with wire

Cooling: forced air with low noise fan
Dimensions (WxHxD): 483x133x493mm
Rack unit: 3
Weight: 32kg

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