GLP Fusion Stick FS20 LEDbar 20x15W RGBW

Osram LED, IP65, True1, Wireless version

Varenr: 4900212-GL
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With buildt in wireless DMX receiver by Lumen Radio

The FUSION Stick 20 marks the begin of a new era in Linear Lighting. Because of its intelligent connector system the FUSION Stick 20 creates seamless light lines — horizontal or vertical, indoor as well as outdoor. The most so called „bars“ are too weakto produce a homogenous area light. With the FUSION Stick 20 it is no problem to change the reflection angle between beam to wide flood or also asymmetrical. Even when using diffusor plates the FUSION Stick 20 creates more than enough light power. Nowadays light lines are an important part of modern stage designs. With the FUSION Stick 20 you finally get a tool for such an application that even works fanless. Thanks to that feature the FUSION Stick 20 is as flexible as possible. No matter if used in a theatre or on a concert — in- and outdoor — FUSION Stick 20 is the right choice.


Number of Light Sources 20
Light Source Power 15 W
Light Source Lifetime 20.000 h

Optical system

Beam angle 6°


Dimmer 0-100% electronic
regular and random strobe and pulse effects
selectable dimmer curves
Color wheel virtual, 39 colors including whites
Color mixing RGBW
Color temperature control 8.000 – 2.500 K


Display OLED display with 4 buttons
Protocol DMX (USITT DMX512-A)
Wireless Lumenradio CRMX DMX/RDM (optional)
Control Modes 8


Signal connection XLR 5-Pin
Power Input Neutrik powerCON TRUE1

Mounting Options

Safety wire attachment
1 eyelet Mounting M10 Screw Thread(s)

Dimensions & Weight

Height (head vertical) 231 mm / 9,09 in
Width (head) 1006 mm / 39,60 in
Length 90 mm / 3,54 in
Weight 12,5 kg / 27.55 lbs

Power input
100 – 240 VAC / 50 – 60Hz Power supply
auto-ranging electronic switch-mode
max. power (@230V) 330 W

Thermal Specifications

Cooling temperature controlled, overheating protection
max. ambient temperature (Ta max.) 45°C / 113°F


Protection Rating IP 65

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