BRITEQ BT-H2FOG Low fog maskin


Varenr: 04898-BE
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Ultrasonic 1500W Low Fog machine in flight case.
Two powerful ultrasonic elements convert the combination of smoke fluid and distilled water into a large amount of beautiful low-lying fog.
No more hassle with expensive and hard to find CO2 dry ice !
Low-noise operation: perfect for use in theatres, TV-studios, …
The black hose is equipped with a “fast click-on" system to significantly reduce installation time!
Adjustable fog output and fan speed:
Via 2 DMX channels
Via the on board control panel with LCD-display and timer
Stainless steel “304” water tank (instead of ordinary treated iron) to avoid rust!
Prepared for wireless DMX: just plug-in an optional WTR-DMX DONGLE !
Original Neutrik® PowerCON and 3-pin DMX connectors for input and output
Strong flight case, equipped with recessed flip handles and 4 soft rubber casters with brakes.

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