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Varenr: 154892
Alt. varenr: JMT001
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Flame Retardancy NDFR - Face Fabric / Non FR - Adhesive
Fire Certification BS5867, M1, B1, face fabric only
Brand Name
(and Manufacturer) J&C Joel Ltd.
(Blending Ratio) Face fabric 100% Cotton with Mylar based solvent acrylic adhesive
Construction of Fabric Cotton Molton face fabric


Information Non Durably Flame Retardant. This means that the fabric is chemically
treated and if wet in any way should be retreated to meet the flammability
requirements of BS5867 Part 2 Type B, M1, B1, and EN13773.
Therefore, the cloth will not withstand wet cleaning and should be reflame
proofed whenever wet.
This tape has a strong mylar base with a high tack solvent acrylic
adhesive giving it excellent holding power and adhesion.
Good resistance to weather conditions, UV, plasticizers and ageing.
Application temperatre: 18° to 25°C (relative humidity 55% +/- 10%).
Temperature resistance of adhesive -20° to 120°.

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