AMC MIC-iMIX paging mikrofon for iMIX5

Med "chime" og lokal linjeinngang

Varenr: MIC-iMIX-AM
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Five zone paging microphone with intuitive control buttons for iMIX5. Pressing selected zone button or all zone button enables to make announcements to selected zone or all zones together. Its possible to start talk immediately or make a chime first. Chime options can be selected with DIP switches. Local audio source can be connected by TRS jack input.

Type Condenser microphone
Polar pattern Cardiod
Frequency response -3dB 150Hz - 22kHz
Controls Illuminated zone select buttons, Talk button
Inputs MIC: XLR 600 Ohms, Aux: 3,5mm TRS 50k Ohms
Output level 10dBV, 600 Ohms
S/N ratio -60dB
Connectors RJ45, 24VDC power jack, 3.5mm stereo TRS, XLR
Max. connection length 500 m
Power supply 24Vdc, 500mA
Dimensions 460 mm x 140 mm x 115mm
Weight 670 g

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