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ANTARI FT-200E Røykmaskin

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Varenr: FT-200E-AN
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 Antari, a world renowned leader in entertainment atmospheric effects continues its’ expansion into fire and rescue training with the introduction of the all new FT-200. Built on the success of Antari’s first smoke generator developed exclusively for fire and rescue training, the popular FT-100, the new FT-200 introduces new technologies to offer one of the worlds most rugged and advanced smoke generators for fire and rescue training. See below for a list of some the impressive features included in the new FT-200:
* All new advanced steel heater block that doubles the flow rate of the FT-100, essentially increasing smoke output by 200%.
* IP rated case design that allows the FT-200 to be used in wet locations. 
* Sleek and compact casing design with a heavy-duty handle allows the unit to be easily transported and stored. 
* Capable of multi-position operation allowing the unit to generate smoke in either a vertical or horizontal position.
  Note : It is IP rated, only when it is operated upright (vertical position).
* Built-in electronic timer for hands free operation.

- Voltage : U.S. version :  AC 120V 50/60HZ 13.5A
                 Europe version :  AC 230V 50/60HZ 7 A
- Power consumption :  1600 W
- Warm up time :  7.5 minutes (approx)
- Fluid consumption :  270 ml/min (100% output)
- Fluid tank capacity :  2.4 Liters
- Fluid :  Antari FLP Fog Liquid
- Operating time :  MAX. Output 8 min
- Coverage :  Height 5 Meters , Width 1 Meter
- Control :  Volume and Timer Mode
                 DMX 512
                 Wireless Remote
- Accessories included : W-2 Wireless Remote
- Accessories Optional : Z-3 Remote
- Dimension :  L 301  W 194  H 414 mm
- Weight : 16 kg

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