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Varenr: FT-20E-AN
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Easy Use, Easy Go !
FT-20 is a battery-operated portable fog machine, capable of providing long time operations with massive fog output.  
•  Two power supplying modes available: DC 12 volt battery or switching power adaptor, which enables the machine to be operated in AC power environment.  (between AC 100 and 240 volt)  *Switching power adaptor is an optional accessory.
•  No preheat or reheat time is needed. push the button,  consistent fog output can be generated right away.
•  In the battery mode, the machine can produce approximately 11 minutes continuous fog output.  
•  In the switching power supply mode, fog output can keep going, NON-stop, as long as there are fog liquid  in the tank.
•  Rotary knob allows users to set the fog output volume.
•  Optional remote controller with on/off and fog volume adjustment function..
•  DMX control access. 


- Weight DC 12V (Battery)
- Input voltage AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz (Battery charger)
- Rated power 600W
- Warm-up time 1 second (approx.)
- Fluid consumption 16 ml/min
- Fluid tank capacity 0.4 Liter (0.11gallon)
- Compatible fluid Antari FLM Fog Fluid
- Ambient temp. range 0 °C - 40 °C (32 °F-104 °F)
- Control DMX512, Manual, Wireless (Optional) Cable Remote (Optional)
 - DMX channels 1 channel
- Connection XLR 3-pin (DMX)
- Optional accessories WTR-20 Wireless Remote, Z-3 Cable Remote, FT-20S Power Base
 - Dimension L293 W108 H238 mm
(L11.54 W4.25 H9.37 inch)
8.5 kg (18.74 lbs)

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