BASIC Silikon tape 24mm x 3,6m Transparent

BASIC Silikon tape 24mm x 3,6m


Varenr: 140232
Alt. varenr: SRT24-TR
403,-eks. mva
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When things go wrong...

you have a problem – and it‘s a good thing that some problems are easy to solve. This residue-free SILICONE-REPAIR TAPE seals air, pressure and water leaks in seconds. You can easily stretch it like adhesive tape and wrap it around clean damaged areas. It is excellently suited for quick, durable cable and wire repairs, for bundling or as cable/connector or corrosion protection on metals – and it is ideal for use on grip surfaces of tools.
The transparent version is suitable for additional labelling. The SILICONE-REPAIR TAPE resists UV-radiation and oils, light acids and gasoline which makes it ideally suitable to insulate and repair cable jackets, fuel lines, water and cooling hoses – e.g. when your car breaks down.


  • Tensile strength: 4.1 N/mm²
  • Flexibility: max. 300 %
  • Isolation voltage: approx. 400 V at 1 mm material thickness
  • Temperature range: -55° C ... +250° C


Article numberSRT24-TR
TypeRepair tape
Length m3,6
Width mm24
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