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Sort, 5-17 DMX-kanaler

Varenr: 04397-BE
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  • Extremely powerful 120W RGBW LED projector (>5800 lux @ 5m/ 4°) for professional indoor/outdoor rental, touring and TV applications.
  • The fast but smooth 4° to 36° motorized zoom can be used to create incredible zooming effects.
  • Thanks to the unique optical lens design this projector produces a perfectly uniform beam with excellent color mixing.
  • The sturdy die cast aluminium housing is IP65 waterproof and equipped with waterproof power + 3pin/5pin XLR-connectors for easy daisy chaining of several units. This makes this projector your first choice for all kinds indoor and outdoor applications: hotels, shops, discotheques, public & amusement parks, fairground attractions, theaters, TV-productions, medium and large stages, …
  • Six DMX-modes from 5 to 17 channels, including 2 modes with user beam angle preset, compatible with our PRO BEAMER!
  • The projector looks like a traditional lamp but has all the advantages of LED: energy cost savings!
  • Color temperature presets: 2700K ~ 8000K
  • White & RGB Calibration for excellent color consistency
  • Different dimmer curves and dimmer behaviors
  • Menu driven OLED-display with password protection on the rear panel
  • RDM compatible (remote DMX-addressing)
  • Adjustable PWM (600Hz to 25kHz) makes it also a perfect choice in TV studios (no interferences with TV-cameras)
  • Completely silent: the projector is cooled by natural air convection so no noisy fans are needed!
  • Diecast aluminium housing with tempered glass and a double hanging bracket for use as floor projector.
  • Equipped with a special GORE® vent to prevent moisture and condensation inside the projector.
  • Mains cable with IP-rated power connector included!
  • Optional “IP-POWER/XLR COMBI CABLE” for easy daisy chaining available in different lengths.
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