LED effect fan

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High power 70x70cm LED-EFFECT FAN
Use in all kinds of show applications: TV-studios (flicker free), Rental, Discos, …
The 6 fan blades are equipped with in total 720 RGB-leds
Each fan blade is split-up in 5 individual RGB-sections (total: 30 pixels)
The output of each fan blade can be controlled individually!
Amazing built-in pixels patterns + free pixel programming.
32pcs 3W UV-leds light up the white colored blades in the dark!
There are 3 DMX-modes: 5, 12 and 33 channels
Very slow to very fast bidirectional fan rotations
RDM-function for: channel mode, DMX-address, temperature control, …
OLED display with backlit touch buttons for easy configuration.
Easy truss installation, thanks to 2 included omega brackets
Easy floor installation, thanks to 2 included floor stands
Smart placement of the in/out connectors to assure, almost invisible, cable routing.
Easy daisy chaining: 3pin & 5pin + Neutrik® PowerCON® in/out
100V~240V 50/60Hz Power supply.
A special 80x60cm flight case for transport of 4 units + cables and accessories is optionally available.

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