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BRITEQ Expo cannon Projektor

37 x 10W LED, CREEm 6500K

Varenr: 161006
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Very powerful projector (37x 10W CREE LED 6500K) for big showrooms, car shows and exhibition booths.


  • This very powerful projector is the perfect choice for big showrooms and exhibition booths.
  • Very effective for use in car showrooms!
  • The 37pcs 10W Cold white (6500K) CREE LEDs produce an extremely powerful 20° beam (different beam angle available on special demand).
  • Very high CRI >85, important for perfect color rendering!
  • Modes:
    -  Stand alone: simply set the dimmer level and you’re ready.
     - DMX-control: with any simple DMX-controller you can easily set the individual dimmer levels on all the projectors in the DMX-line.
  • Can be used as powerful, directional LED-strobe!
  • Thanks to the low power consumption, only 380W at maximum output, a lot of money can be saved on the electricity bill while preserving nature!
  • Silent operation, thanks to the temperature controlled “low airstream” cooling system.
  • High contrast OLED-display for easy menu navigation
  • Flicker free TV-recordings thanks to 3.6kHz LED refresh rate!
  • The lamp behavior can be continuously adjusted from led to halogen.
  • Four dimmer curves: linear, square, inverse square, S-curve
  • In case of DMX failure you can choose between blackout and freeze mode.
  • RDM-functionality for easy remote setup: DMX addressing, channel mode, …
  • Lock function to avoid unwanted altering of the settings.
  • Default factory settings + user settings can be saved/loaded.
  • 3pin DMX in/outputs + Neutrik PowerCON in/outputs for easy daisy chaining.
  • Extruded black anodized aluminum housing, equipped with a very strong bracket
  • Frost filter and 4 leaf barndoor included
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