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Briteq Firmware Updater 2+

Standalone firmware updater

Varenr: B05019-BE
1 032,-eks. mva
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  • This unit can be used to easily upgrade the firmware of compatible DMX-effects & projectors.
  • One or more DMX-effects can be upgraded simultaneously through their DMX-in/out connections.
  • Several additional functions:
    • RDM functionality: check several functions + change DMX-address / DMX-channel mode.
    • Check DMX-values of all 512 DMX-channels
    • DMX-controller: with manual control to perform basic tests. Also a small 20 step program, including fade/speed control, can be stored for simple applications.
  • This standalone programmer can be used onsite for easy firmware updates.
  • No specific PC-software needed.
  • Matrix LCD-display to easily find and select one the different firmware files stored on the micro SD-card
  • Several firmware files of different projectors can be stored
  • Mini-USB input to recharge the internal battery.
  • Output: XLR 3pin
  • USB/micro SD-card adapter + mini-USB cable + micro SD-card included.

There are different FIRMWARE UPDATER models available: CHECK with us to know which updater model you need to update your projector !

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