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DAD ARK416MPBK Søylehøyttaler

4x6", 450W AES, 129dB, sort

Varenr: ARK416MPBK-ML
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Passive 2.5-way 450W AES column loudpseaker module, 129 dB SPL.

ARK416MP is a 2.5 way passive medium throw speaker for fixed and mobile installations. It consists of a 1" compression driver (1.75" v.c.), mounted on a waveguide. The nominal coverage (H x V) is 90°x50°. The MF/LF frequency range is covered by 6" 4 units speakers placed symmetrically with respect to the HF driver. The 2.5-way design with woofer placement at the ends of the cabinet reduces the frequency from which the speaker increases the control of dispersion in the vertical plane. The result ensures maximum intelligibility of sound and speech in reverberant environments.
The ARK416MP is an extremely flexible speaker, it can be used in full range or as an MF / HF section (up to two overlapping units) in high sound pressure systems The cabinet is made of 12 mm birch plywood with a black polyurea finish.
The ARK416MP speaker can be combined with the ARK15SA subwoofer. The subwoofer has a 700W amplified output. ARK416MP and ARK15SA constitute a powerful portable system with amplified column.

Low frequency: 4x6'' Nd woofer/1.5'' v.c.
High frequency: 1'' Nd driver / 1.7'' v.c.
Frequency response:80-18000 Hz (±3dB)
Cover angle HxV:90°x50°
Combined with the ARK15SA subwoofer
Configurable up two superimposed units
Optional transport and fixing accessories

  • System type: 2.5 way passive column module
  • Low frequency: 4x6'' neodymium woofer / 1.5'' v.c.
  • High frequency: 1'' neodymium driver / 1.7'' v.c.
  • AES/program power: 450/900W
  • SPL max: 129dB @1m (free field)
  • Sensitivity: 98dB @1W/1m (free field)
  • Impedance: 8 Ohm
  • SPL cont/peak: 123/129dB @1m (free field)
  • Frequency response: 80-18000Hz (±3dB)
  • Coverage angle HxV: 90x50°
  • Cross over frequency: 1600Hz passive
  • Suggest LPF range: 120/150Hz
  • Recommended amplifier up to: 900W /8Ohm
  • Input signal: Phoenix - NL4 IN/OUT
  • Cabinet material: 12mm birchplywood
  • Sospension system: Under: 35 mm mounting pole - Up: M20 screw
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 180x813x255mm
  • Weight: 13.6kg
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