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DAD IDEA1402 Forsterker

2 x 700W @ 4ohm

Varenr: IDEA1402-ML
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The innovative IDEA series of amplifiers with integrated DSP of 2 or 4 channels combined in a double rack unit audio power and control. With a complete interface for managing DSP parameters, they are the ideal choice for engineers, installers and anyone else who wants flexibility and reliability.
They are also the ideal complement to the ARK and AIR series of loudspeakers.
The Bridge / 100V mode allows the use of these amplifiers even for constant voltage lines.
The IDEA series is equipped with a 52-bit Analog Device DSP with 48 kHz sample rate, with independent parameter control for each channel. Preset files available for ARK and AIR system configurations.

Amplifier with DSP control 4x400 / 700 W 8/4 Ohm - 2x1250 W 8 Ohm / 100 V
Can be used for low impedance loudspeakers (min 4 Ohm), both for 100V constant voltage lines
Specific presets available in the appropriate download section.
Editable presets for DJs, live sound and commercial installations
Remote control with RJ45 port
2-unit rack design

Channels: 4
Circuit class: digital

Single channel power: 400/700W 8/4 Ohm
Bridge mode power: 2x1250W 8 Ohm
Constant voltage: 100V /2x1250 W

Frequency responce: 20 - 25000Hz @ 8 Ohm (±0.5 dB)
THD+N: <0.2%
Damping factor: >350
Input impedance: 20kO balance
Signal/Noise rate: >90dB

Type: Switching
Operating voltage/frequency: 220 V ±10%, 50Hz

Input: Clip/limit, progressive volume
Output: Soft-start, short circuit, DC, overheat

Input mode: stereo, parallel, bridge
Input sensitivity/gain: 1Vrms/1.4Vrms/32dB

Indicators: 4 x LED bar - signal level and protection

Input: 4 way mono
Digital processing: 54 bit
Sampling rate: 48 kHz
A/D - D/A Converter: 24 bit
Gain OUT: +12dB to -60dB and mute, 0.5dB steps
Delay: 3.25ms each output
Crossover Filters Slope: 12 & 24dB/octave Bessel, Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley, Chebychev
EQ frequency: 20Hz to 20kHz, 1 Hz steps
Equalizer: 5 parametric filters for way
EQ Gain: +12dB to -12dB, 0.5dB steps
EQ width: Q da 128 a 0.42
Limiters: Adjustable threshold in 0,5dBu steps. Adjustable relase in 1 dB/s steps
Memory/Presets: 1

Input signal: XLR in/out
Output signal: 4 x 4 pole out
Data: 2 x RJ-485 port
Power connection: PowerCON

Cooling: combination of heat pipe cooling system and low noise fan
Dimensions (WxHxD): 483x88x412mm
Rack unit: 2
Weight: 9.8kg

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