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FLEXA Gateway m/USB tilkobling for PC

Inkl. robust transportkasse

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The gateway receives the signals from the cells and sends them to a PC for local management of the system.
At the next internet access, all data are sent from the PC to the Cloud Data Storage* to be accessed by other devices.
Cloud Data Storage
* (function not yet available)

The distances between the cells and the gateway depend on the environmental conditions.
Incaseofproblems insignal propagation, a repeater is available for positioning between the cell area and

User Interfaces allow creating multiple events at the same time.
“Sectors” are created for each event, which in turn are divided into “zones.”
Each zone is populated with an indefinite number of cells. Information is always available on the history of each cell, as well as the load graphs, battery charge values, radio signal quality and the date recommended for the next recalibration.
Each sector, zone or cell has its own interface page that can be opened individually or simultaneously with other pages on multiple screens.
The overload and underload levels can be set by the operator.
All tables can be downloaded in PDF, CSV, EXCEL format. If cloud storage* is enabled, data can be shared, but parameters cannot be changed remotely.
* (function not yet available)


Main Features:

Max No. of cells per system: 100
Max No. of repeaters per gateway: up to 10
Load sampling: every second
Minimum transmission rate: every second or more
Real transmission rate: according to the load status (when the load stabilizes, the rate slows down)
Range (cells/gateway): 100/150m (line-of-sight)
Range (cells/repeater): 100/150m (line-of-sight)
Range (repeater/gateway): 300/500m (line-of-sight)
Data storage: local PC (connected to gateway via USB cable)
Repeater/gateway connection: wireless
Batteries: 2 x CR 123
Expected battery life: 3000/7000h
Radio frequency: Sub-1Ghz (868Mhz for Europe, 915 for USA, Canada and many other countries)
Installation: Plug & Play (no radio set up)
Grade: IP66
Enclosure: semi-transparent screwable cap

Range is intended for line-of-sight. Battery life depends on the transmission rate.
Technical data subject to change without notice.

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