JTS CS-W4T Trådløs konferansemikrofon

Passer CS-W4C

Varenr: CS-W4T-JT
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CS-W4 is designed with JTS newest wireless and conferencing technology. It provides maximized compatible channels with a given bandwidth. Built in logic circuit provides conferencing feature. A microphone assigned with priority will work as a chairman unit. It overrides other microphones. Logic setting of one CS-W4C receivers can be cascaded. A microphone with priority in one receiver will also have priority in a cascaded system. JTS patented REMOSET synchronizes all four microphones simultaneously by push one button. The microphone is of 108 MHz bandwidth. This feature allows more attendants to join the conference.

Frequency Preparation PLL Synthesized Control
Carrier Frequency Range 470~960 MHz / 502.000 - 694.000 MHz (T band)
Frequency Setting 2.4G RF REMOSET
RF Outputs Low / High
Stability <±10KHz@Fc
Frequency Deviation ±48KHz
Spurious Emissions <-50dBc
Display LCD
Controls Power ON/OFF, Talk, Group, Channel,
Fuequency, Sensitibity, RF Output, Key Lock
Battery UM3, AA x2
Rechargeable Yes
Base Dimension 116mm (W)*29 mm(H)*138mm(D)
Note Actual Product specifications may vary depending on model and region

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