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LEDJ Artisan 2000 RGBWA Fresnel

1 x 200W five-colour COB LED (RGBWA)

Varenr: LEDJ333-PL
5 996,-eks. mva
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NB! avbildet med 3 pin DMX inn/ut, men salgsvaren har 5 pin DMX inn/ut

The Artisan 2000 RGBWA Fresnel is ideal for schools, churches and stages and makes an ideal replacement for tungsten fixtures. Control of the unit is facilitated via a 4 button menu and LCD display, whilst the beam angle can be manually adjusted. A handy IR remote control is included and an optional W-DMX Compatible Transceiver can be added into the back panel.

- 1 x 200W five-colour COB LED (RGBWA)
- Manually adjustable beam angle: 20°- 50°
- 20° - 9,498 Lux @ 2m (full on), 50° - 2,680 Lux @ 2m (full on)
- 2.8kHz refresh rate
- DMX channels: 5/6/7 or 9 selectable
- Artisan Series W-DMX USB compatibility for wireless master/slave or DMX control
- 0-100% dimming and variable strobe
- 4 dimming curves: Linear, square law, inverse square law and S-curve
- 4 push button menu with LCD display
- PowerCON input/output
- 5-Pin XLR input/output
- Temperature controlled fan for whisper quiet operation
- Handle on rear panel
- Filter frame and barn doors included
- Supplied with IR remote
- Power consumption: 210W
- Power supply: 100~240V, 50/60Hz
- Fuse: T3A 250V
- Noise level: 40.5dBA @ 2m
- Dimensions: 365 x 300 x 482mm
- Weight: 6.1kg

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