500W. 2800K-6500K. Lumenradio mottaker

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The AIRLITE balloon light with an integrated air pump is ready in about 120 seconds.

The AIRLITE 500W is a high-output bi-color LED light for professionals. The color temperature can be adjusted continuously between 2800K-6500K, dimming is adjustable from 0-100%. It’s available with or without LumenRadio and every kit comes with a kitbag with wheels.


You can power your Lightstar AIRLITE directly from a household socket. Get your LUX without any trouble.

All of our lights are high CRI and above the industry’s standard.

The AIRLITE are rugged and can be mounted just everywhere you need them.


The AIRLITE balloon light offers you an amazingly soft source of light. Every kit comes with a velcro skirt for all around the light. The integrated air pump inflates and deflates the balloon light in around 60 seconds, giving you no effort or trouble at all. During filming the pump can be adjusted to silent 10% power to keep the balloon inflated over long shooting times. The AIRLITE gives you astonishing 500W LED Power with a huge and soft lighting angle. The color temperature can be adjusted from 2800-6500 Kelvin.
Mounting is quite universal. The light can be used in all directions. The AIRLITE provides a 28mm pin (male) on top of the light. The ballast is not attached to the light itself. Each kit comes with a 7m (23ft) extension cable. The total weight of the light (including the ballast) is a total of 6.2kg.


Description: Airlite 500W Bi-Color LED Light
Color temperature: 2800-6500°K
Dimming: 0-100%
CRI: >95
Rated Input: AC 100-240V / DC 48V
Control: Cable DMX 4-channel control per unit or LumenRadio
Weight: 6.2kg
Ballast weight: 2.2kg
Dimensions: Ø1180×730(mm)
Packing size: 945x910x216mm
IP class: IP20

1x Lamphead
1x Diffuser
1x Ballast
1x Power Supply Cable
1x Extension Cable (7m)
1x Safety bag
1x Black Skirt

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