TMB ProPlex IQ Testverktøy

For Ethernet, Art-Net, DMX/RDM, PoE etc.

Varenr: 158650
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The first award-winning networking diagnostics device

PLASA Innovation Award Winner!
LDI Debuting Product Award Winner!
Cine Gear Expo Technical Award Winner!

Monitors overall network activity and bandwidth usage statistics
Real-time, scrolling Packet Lister, with touch navigation, monitors and color-codes all raw Ethernet packets
Detect all active devices streaming in the network, sorted by IP and MAC address
Multicast Stream detection with multicast switch support
Ethernet Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP detection) shows connected switch statistics
Configurable ICMP Ping sender and responder
Protocol Detector specifically recognizes standard entertainment industry protocols (Dante, ArtNet, sACN, MANet (2 & 3), HogNet, d3Net, and more)
PoE detection and analysis of connected sources, supports 802.3af and PoE+ 802.3at
SMPTE LTC Timecode Transmitter and Receiver with signal scope and measurement statistics
Monitor active incoming sources of ArtNet, sACN or DMX, with multiple value display formats, plus flicker-finder and timing statistics
DMX Transmission with multiple active universe output and source data editors (touch-sensitive faders, FX engine, stored scene playback & more). Ideal for fixture testing.
RDM device monitoring supports most standard PID and “Raw PID” modes for custom messages
“Smart” DMX cable tester, with continuity and bandwidth performance testing

For all the latest information, developments and future plans for the ProPlex IQ Tester, please visit The IQ Tester LV Forum, at .
The forum is read-only for all who visit, with write access only available to IQ Tester owners.

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