TRANSCENSION LED Master 64 kontroller


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Transcension features break through channel assignment technology. The ability to assign/patch the 8 channels of the LED Master 64 is one of its most powerful features. This gives you the option of customising the controller to the DMX channels of your lighting fixtures. Software version V1.5 features a virtual dimmer function, allowing the user to add a dimmer channel to fixtures during channel assignment. See the resources tab for software downloads.

- Designed to control all LED lighting fixtures with up to 8 channels
- Control up to 64 channels of 8 LED groups
- 8 individual buttons for selecting
- 8 groups of lighting fixtures
- Each fixture group can be in different playback modes simultaneously
- LED display for easy navigation
- 8 colour preset buttons
- 6 saved colours with 4 banks
- 8 chases, each with up to 32 steps
- 2 user definable channels
- Ability to save assignments onto a USB memory stick
- 4 operation modes: auto chase, sound chase,manual control and fade
- Password protection
- Power loss memory feature
- Variable strobe function
- 19” rack ears (included)
- LED gooseneck lamp included
- Power supply: 9-12V DC 300mA min (by adaptor included)
- Dimensions: 66 x 280 x 170mm
- Weight: 1.8kg

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