ADMIRAL Vintage 60W MKII, Ø53cm

powerCon TRUE 1 inn/ut

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Lekker dekorbelysning med standard E27 sokkel.

Vi anbefaler ASTERA NYX pære i denne, som da også kan styres med trådløs DMX via lysbord, Astera app eller direkte med Bluetooth!


Back to the 60’s.

A new Admiral Staging fixture with a vintage look – because retro chic is absolutely en vogue! The New Vintage fixture is equipped with a built in Powercon TRUE connector chassis that is UV-resistant and conforms to IP65, and also comes with a separate Powercon counterpart. You can use these decoration fixtures for your TV shows, theatre productions or for live bands to create a specific atmosphere. These lights are for decorative purposes and as such they are not meant to provide light. The fixture has a golden reflector finish and two concentric black metal rings to provide that vintage spotlight look. This decorative light can have a globe diameter of 38 cm or 53 cm. It's possible to attach one or two brackets for different purposes. Do you want to attach it to a stand or hang it onto a freedom drop arm? Then just assemble one bracket. Do you want the spot light as a stand-alone fixture? Then assemble two brackets to place it on the floor. Even interlinking several luminaires can be done with the two bracket option. How cool is that ?


Technical specifications

2 brackets (to be mounted yourself)
60W warm white bulb
Power consumption: 60W max.
Base: E27
Double insulation for the fixture
Diameter globe: 53 cm
Single bracket: 690x 660x 350 mm (W x H X D)
Double bracket: 690x 760x 350 mm (W x H x D)
Weight: 6,05 kg

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