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LED-strobe, 15'000lm, RGB, 3 segmenter

Varenr: 04717-BE
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Powerful RGB LED strobe with 3 separately controllable segments!
324 RGB strobe LEDs for an exceptional light output
Long time blinder function with auto fade down function
Stunning built-in random pixel strobe effects, no extra programming needed.
Full DMX-control with:
7 different channel modes for strobe effects (1ch to 13ch)
3 different pixel control modes (1ch to 9ch)
LCD-display for easy setup menu navigation
Can be used as wash projector at reduced output (ex. light up the stage during technical buildup of a gig)
TV-Studio ready:
Flicker free 2 kHz LED refresh rate
Low noise cooling system
Compact and sturdy ALU-housing with tempered glass in front of the leds, perfect for rental companies!
Strong hanging bracket, prepared for use with omega clamps for fast installation.
In case of DMX failure you can choose between blackout and freeze mode.
Lock function to avoid unwanted altering of the settings.
Default factory settings can be loaded.
3pin XLR along with power in/outputs for easy daisy chaining of several units up to 16A.
Power supply with active PFC.
Lenker & dokumenter
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