130W hvit COB (3000K, CRI>97)

Varenr: B05525-BE
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  • Powerful 130W white COB projector (3000K) with amber drift effect, behaves exactly like a halogen blinder!
  • Rugged die-cast ALU-housing with waterproof IP65 rating!
  • The fast exchange of different lenses makes this a super multifunctional projector for many applications:
    • IP-BLINDER: for outdoor stages: IP65 protection, special blinder lens, high output and amber drift, …
    • EXPO light: easily exchangeable beam angles, very high CRI, removeable barndoors, …
    • LED STROBE: high light output, super-fast and random strobe effects, …
  • Preprogrammed amber drift effect and/or separate control for white/amber!
  • Tunable CCT: from 1700K to 3000K
  • Very high CRI-factor (CRI: 97 – R9: 89) for perfect color rendering.
  • 4 DMX-modes (1 to 6ch): 2 Blinder modes (8+16bit) + 2 EXPO light modes (DTW + white)
  • Control channel with remote DMX-control for “red shift”, dimmer speed/curves, fan speed, …
  • Very high 16kHz LED refresh rate, perfect for HD-TV recording studios.
  • RDM-function for: channel mode, DMX-address, temperature monitoring, …
  • OLED display with backlit touch buttons for easy configuration, even in the dark.
  • Different accessories included:
    • 2 compound eye lenses with beam angles: 15° and 35°
    • 1 blinder glass (authentic blinder look)
    • 1 Gel frame (install optional CTO / CTB / COLOR filters)
    • 1 Glare shield (anti-glare and better beam)
  • Optional Barndoor available (BT-BARN 4 RAY-series, code: B05527)
  • Easy truss installation, thanks to the fixing points for “omega bracket small” (code: B02677)
  • Double bracket for easy ground installation
  • Easy daisy chaining: waterproof 3pin XLR + Neutrik® PowerCON TRUE1®  in/out
  • Optional modification kit available to modify IP 3pin XLR to 5pin (BT-XLR3TO5 KIT – code: B05523)
  • 100V~240V 50/60Hz Power supply.
Lenker & dokumenter
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