Warm white, med kniver og goboholder

Varenr: H10700-BE
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Our SFX-DE40W is a « profile spot », equipped with a 40W COB LED reaching a colour temperature of 3200°K (Warm white). Its cast-aluminium body, beside aesthetics considerations, allows thermal dissipation using natural convection, and thus total silence.

The four blades combined with a gobo support are perfect to highlight works of art in quiet places, thanks to sharp and precise lighting.
LED COB 40W warm white
No fan
Gobo support
Manual focus
Dimmer via control knob

 - Blades shape the beam
 - Electronic dimmer
 - Manual focus control
 - Gobo support (external diam 34mm, image 24mm)

    - 1 x 40W white COB LED
    - Colour temperature : 3200°K
    - CRI 95
    - Light output of 1150 Lux at 3m
    - Beam angle of 19°

    - POWER IN via 2P+E socket

• Power supply: 100-240V/50-60Hz
• Power consumption: 40 W
• Cooling system: convection-cooled, without forced ventilation
• Finish: Black die-cast aluminium body
• Accessories: supplied with fixation bracket, gobo support + 2 gobos
• Dimensions: 273 x 111 x 100 mm
• Weight: 1,2 kg

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