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JTS UA-960 antenne distributør

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The JTS UA-960 is a full range UHF antenna splitter that routes antenna signals from a pair of antenna to several receivers in a multichannel

The UA-960 also amplifies the RF signals to compensate the loss incurred from splitting signal power.
Bulit-in DC distribution provides four DC 12V power supply for receivers.

A single UA-960 can support up to four wireless receiver. Multiple UA-960 can be cascaded for more wireless receivers.
2 extra BNC sockets that can be easily cascaded with another antenna distributor.

Technical specifications

Frequency Range: 470-960 MHz
RF Output Level(Gain): 3 dB ± 2
Cascade output level: 0dB ~ +2dB
Output Connection Isolation: = 25 dB
Third Order Intercept Point: 24 dBm
Impedance: 50 Ohm
Power Consumption: 60W
Input AC Voltage:
100 ~ 240 V switching power
Output DC Voltage: +12V 1A x 4
Antenna Booster DC Voltage: 12V
Dimension: 480(W) * 45(H) * 250(D)mm
(standard 19" and 1 U case)
Net Weight: 2.15 Kgs
Note:Actual Product specifications may vary
depending on model and region

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