JTS RU-850LTH Håndsender


Varenr: RU-850LTH-520-JT
1 436,-eks. mva
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506-542 MHz
506-542 MHz
520-556 MHz
520-556 MHz
614-650 MHz
614-650 MHz
638-674 MHz
638-674 MHz
18 på lager i Oslo
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This innovative transmitter is designed with both
REMOSET U and full function setting at itself.
The settings include Frequency, Group/Channel,
Sensitivity, RF Power, and Auto Power Off. All
data will be transferred to this transmitter by
pushing of the REMOSET U button at receiver’s
front panel. Auto Power Off feature can be
set OFF or ON with selection of 1, 10 and 30
minutes. This will save battery life and avoid over
discharge. Besides REMOSET U a user can
carry out setting at transmitter side.
A quick Lock On key is built inside.
Recharging circuit and connecter are already
built in case users want to upgrade the system.
* 1440 Selectable channels.

Frequency Preparation:
PLL Synthesized Control
Carrier Frequency Range: 470~960MHz
Frequency Setting: REMOSET U (Receive)
RF Outpus: Low / High
Stability: <±10KHz@Fc
Frequency Deviation: ±48KHz
Spurious Emissions: <-50dBc
Function: Mute, Auto Power Off, Sensitivity
Adjust, Low Battery
Display: LCD+LED
Controls: Power, Mute, Group, Channel,
Frequency, Gain Adjust, Auto Power Off,
Key Lock
Battery: UM3, AA x2

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