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JTS RU-8012DB/CM-214ULF Trådløst system

Dobbel mottager m/ 2x kardioid hodebøyle

Varenr: RU8012SET-HBC-614-JT
8 308,-eks. mva
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506-542 MHz
506-542 MHz
520-556 MHz
520-556 MHz
614-650 MHz
614-650 MHz
638-674 MHz
638-674 MHz
Bestilt fra leverandør, forventes til vårt lager i Oslo ca. 25.02.2021
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Based on US-8002DB successful experience US-8012DB is designed with JTS 2nd generation wireless technology.

To cope with the squeezed radio spectrum the system provides more compatible channels within limited bandwidth. The patent pending sends the scanned channel data to transmitter by pushing a button.

To meet critical audio demand general noise and hiss noise have been reduced to an extremely low level.
Over 100 meter operation range meets most demand from most applications.

To be environment friendly an integrated charger is available on option.

Technical specifications.

Frequency Preparation: PLL Synthesized Control
Carrier Frequency Range: 470~960 MHz
Frequency Setting: Ultrasonic / REMOSET (Transmit)
Receiving Mode: Antenna Diversity
Bandwidth: 36MHz
S/N Ratio: >105dB(A)
T.H.D: <0.6%@1KHz
Sensitivity: -95dBm,S/N>80dB
Rejection Ratio: >80 dB
Frequency Response: 50Hz~16KHz±2dB
Antenna Type: BNC Socket
Antenna Booster Power: DC12~15V/100mA
Display: LCD
Display Contents: Group, Channel, Frequency, Battery Level, Antenna
A/B, Mute Display, AF Meter, RF Meter, Frequency Scan, Audio Level,
Controls: Power ON/OFF, Group, Channel, Frequency, Mute Display, Key
Lock, Volume, Output Attenuaiton(XLR), Frequency Scan(ON/OFF)
Audio Output Level: Ref/ ±22.5KHz Dev@1KHz Tone
Ø6.3 Phone Jack/ -10dBV
XLR Jack/ -4dBV(Line) ? -24dBV(MIC)
Audio Output Impedance: 600O
Squelch: Pilot Tone & Noise Mute
Output Connector:
2 independent balanced XLR and 2 Ø6.3mm unbalanced.
Power Supply: DC12~15V/500mA
Dimension (mm): 212.3mm(W)*38.3mm(H)*144mm(D)

Notes: Acutal product specifications may vary depending on model
and region

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