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JTS UF-20S/CM-214T Trådløst system

m/ hodebøyle - 510-570 MHz

Varenr: UF-20S-SET-HB-510-JT
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510-570 MHz
510-570 MHz
530-605 MHz
530-605 MHz
606-681 MHz
606-681 MHz
624-694 MHz
624-694 MHz
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Frekvensbånd: 510-570MHz


Frequency Preparation

PLL Synthesized Control
Frequency Setting JTS patented obstacles-free RF REMOSET
Carrier Frequency RangeUHF 470~960 MHz
Bandwidth60~75MHz Wideband
S / N Ratio> 108dB (A)
T.H.D<0.5% @ 1KHz
Chassis1U/2U standard metal chassis
Preset Channels / Group

* From group 1 ~ 15 up to 63 interference-free compatible channels.
* 844 preset channels / group and 3000 selectable frequencies across 63 to 75 Hz Bandwidth.
* User programmable from U1 ~ U6 each of 64 channels reserved.

Display ContentsGroup, Channel, Frequency, Antenna A / B, RF / AF Level Meter, Mute Display, Transmitter Battery Status, REMOSET ID Number, User Name, Squelch
Sensitivity6dBµV, at S / N> 80dB
Receiving ModeTrue diversity
Audio Output LevelMaximum 6dBu
Receiving ModeTrue diversity
Audio Output LevelMaximum 6dBu
AF Output Impedance600O
Frequency Response50Hz ~ 18kHz, with high-pass filter
SquelchPilot Tone & Noise Mute
Power Supply100 ~ 240V or 12V DC
Output Connector1 XLR Balanced Socket
1 Ø6.3mm Unbalanced phone jack
Dimension (m / m)212mm(W)x44Mmm(H)x213.9mm(D)
NotesActual product specifications may vary depending on model and region.


2,400-3,000 selectable frequencies

Preset 12 groups each of up to 63 compatible channels

Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) synthesized tune

Extended dynamic range and smooth frequency response.

Adjustable transmission power between 10 and 50 mW (depending on local regulation)

The panel Lock-On function prevents tampering and RF interruption

Together with JTS various music instrument mics, headset mics and tie clip mics this bodypack is versatile for all applications.

It is designed with slot-in charging feature with two AA NiMH rechargeable batteries.

Language selection.


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