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LEDJ 15W LED Eventspot Rapid RGBW, W-DMX

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Varenr: LEDJ239-PL
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Powered by a single 15W quad-colour LED, the Event Spot Rapid offers the user, not only highlighting and spotting solutions, but portable uplighting and washing possibilities too. The robust housing design makes this fixture extremely versatile, and with the added magnetic base feature, it can also be quickly and easily mounted to a variety of surfaces including ferrous metals, omitting the need for clamps. This battery powered fixture has all the standard features expected with the Event Spot range, with the addition of an on-board W-DMX wireless transceiver making for a truly cable free operation. The fixture can be controlled via DMX, 4 button menu or the optional IR remote.


- 1 x 15W quad-colour LED (RGBW)
- Beam angle: 4° native, 10° and 45° frost lenses supplied
- 4°- 9,700 Lux @ 2m (full on)
- 10°- 3,866 Lux @ 2m (full on)
- 45°- 497 Lux @ 2m (full on)
- 3.6kHz refresh rate
- DMX channels: 1/4/6 or 7 selectable
- Wireless control (W DMX Sweden transceiver)
- Static colour, colour change and colour fade and master/slave modes
- 0-100% dimming and variable strobe
- Magnetic base to easily mount fixture to ferrous metal surfaces
- Bracket allows for multiple rigging applications
- 4 battery modes 2/4/6/8 hours
- Maximum run time: up to 11 hours (single colour), 15 hours (colour change), 7 hours (colour fade), 8 hours (full on)
- Charging time: 3.5 hours (max.)
- DC 13-16V, 1A charging input (via the included charger)
- Convection cooled
- Optional IR remote (LEDJ90C)

- Power consumption: 17W
- Power supply: 100~240V, 50/60Hz
- Battery: 11.1V 2600mAh
- Dimensions with base: 205 x 125 x 88mm
- Dimensions without base: 175 x 88 x 88mm
- Weight: 1.2kg


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