LITEC publikumsbarrikade 518 standard

Aluminium. 20,8 Kg

Varenr: CWB-BH-LT
8 396,-eks. mva
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They are made in aluminium, a durable and absolutely environmental friendly material. They are foldable, easy to remove, store, transport, install and disassemble. They distinguish themselves for their high quality, corrosion and aging resistance, offering a combination of optimum safety and comfort for both the audience and rescue personnel.

They are connected one by one, and feature extended footboard to make the barriers more stable as well as an adjustable corner. The slope on front board avoids accidental tripping

Material Aluminium alloy EN AW-6082 T6
Dimensions 518 x 1250 x 1186 (H) mm
Weight 20.8 kg
Connection kit included
Foldable, all aluminium barrier that’s half the size of a standard barrier. Bolts together
with single modules for a unified, firmly anchored barrier that withstands unruly
crowds. Fold flat after use and stack on dollies for convenient transport and
storage. Each barrier weights 20.8 kg and measures 518x1250x1186 (H) mm.

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