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Z8STRIP is a new generation battery operated fixture that marks a new step in the wireless lighting technology.  Z8STRIP is candidated to be one of the brightest outdoor battery LED batten in the market featuring 8x10W CREE XML LEDs with single pixel control, high efficiency optics and  RGBW/FC color calibration system for a precise reproduction of the full spectrum. The magnetic holder on the frontal lens offers moreover the possibility to adjust the beam angle through different diffusion filters. Z8STRIP is equipped with a lithium battery pack providing an autonomy from the mains up to 16 hours (color-changing) and W-DMX control for full cable-free operations. It comes in a robust die-cast aluminium IP65 housing with smooth and elegant design, allowing it to be applied for almost any environment both indoor and outdoor. Z8STRIP is a rental-friendly tool, it can be used as an universal projector in architectural projects, showrooms, wedding party, conference, exhibition, fashion and concerts.

Light source and optics

  • 8x10W CREE XML RGBW/FC high-power LED
  • Lux @ 3 m: 4600
  • Beam angle: 10°
  • Field angle: 21°
  • Energy-saving LEDs featuring more vivid colors and lower power consumption compared to traditional lamps
  • Color synthesis: RGBW/FC color mixing (>16 million colors) for a limitless color range
  • White temperature presets: 3200K~10000K
  • Magnetic holder for diffusion filters or gels
  • LEDs average life span: >50'000 h

Electronics and features
  • Several DMX selectable configurations ( 4, 6, 10,32,37 channels) for advanced or basic controlling
4 channels: RGBW
6 channels: dimmer, RGBW, strobe
10 channels: dimmer, RGBW, strobe, macro, auto programs, programs speed, dimmer speed
32 channels: RGBW1, RGBW2, RGBW3, RGBW4, RGBW5, RGBW6, RGBW7, RGBW8
37 channels: RGBW1, RGBW2, RGBW3, RGBW4, RGBW5, RGBW6, RGBW7, RGBW8, auto programs, programs speed, strobe, dimmer, dimmer speed
  • Built-in antenna transceiver (2,4 Ghz) by Wireless Solution Sweden
  • Black OLED display user interface for auto programs execution, static color mode, creation of custom shows, battery status, signal status
  • 4 different dimming curves available
  • Auto mode: built-in programs with execution speed adjustment
  • Static color mode: selection of static color
  • Manual color mode: manual adjustment of color
  • Master/Slave mode for stand-alone operations of more units
  • Linear and “stepless” transition between DMX values
  • Flicker free operations (600Hz - 25kHz)

Structure and Power supply
  • Protection: IP65, for temporary outdoor use
  • Sturdy die-cast aluminium body conceived for long-time durability and demanding applications
  • Silent operations, due to natural cooling of the peculiar chassis and to absence of fans
  • Tempered glass front panel
  • Power unit: 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Battery: 14,8V, Lithium
  • Battery autonomy: 7,5 hours (permanent white full-on)
  • Double recharge operations: with power cable or through magnetic fast-charge in case
  • Recharge time: 6 hours max
  • LED battery status indicator
  • Load/Storage battery switch
  • IN/OUT wiring signal connections through IP XLR5p
  • Power connection: IP connector
  • Working temperature: 0/+35°
  • Power consumption: 86,6W
  • Weight: 10 kg
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 800x153x216 mm
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