Utendørs, 4.8mm, 4000nit

Varenr: OMEGAX48T-ML
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OmegaPix 48T is a revolutionary outdoor 4,8 mm LED screen rental panel. Specially designed to offer advanced mechanical features, more creative configurations and enhanced video image quality.

Mechanical/Assembly features:

Curve configurations both concave and convex through curving mounting plates +15° / -15° onboard
Hot swapping of the back panel to replace PSU & electronics
Fast lock connections for LDMs swapping
Assisted mounting magnets allowing for a 1 man quick setup
Ground Stacking accessories available
Velcro on edges to avoid any gaps
4,8 mm pixel pitch outdoor rental LED screen
Curve configurations, concave and convex
Fly bar hanging/stacking
New Novastar A8s with 18bit+, Clearview and image rotation

Driver chip type: MBI 5252
LED source: Kinglight SMD2525
Pixel pitch: 4,8mm
Panel resolution: 104x208pixels
Module resolution: 52x104pixels
Luminous flux: 4.000nit
Contrast: 3.000:1
Grayscale: 18 bit
Refresh rate =: 2.880Hz
Drive Mode: 1/13 scan, constant current
Vertical viewing angle: 120°
Horizontal viewing angle: 140°
LED density: 43.264LED/sqm
Dead Pixel Ratio: <0,002
LED avg life span: 100.000

Power input/output: IPKON Seetronic IN/OUT
Power supply: AC 110/230 V 50/60 Hz
Max power consumption (panel): 400W
Avg power consumption (panel): 133W
Max power consumption (sqm): 800W
Avg power consumption (sqm): 266W
Standby power consumption (pannello): 35W
Max rated current/panel:: AC 220 V / 1,6 A
Working temperature: -20°C / +50°C
Working humidity: 10~90 RH%

Receiving card type: A8S
Other controllers type: rotation, 18bit+, clearview, mapping, firmware copy, RCFGX restore, calibration restore
Control protocol: Novastar
Signal input: IP data Seetronic IN
Signal output: IP data Seetronic OUT

Other specifics: curve configurations, rear panel swapping, velcro strips for gapless mounting
Magnetic LED modules: not magnetic, removible by joint
Module size (WxH): 250x500mm
Panel size(WxHxD): 500×1.000×76mm
Vertical hanging system: built-in aliscaf clamp support
Cooling: natural cooling of the peculiar chassis and to absence of fans
Connection: seamless locking system
Curvability: mechanics on board, -15° to +15°, can be adjusted by the unit of 2.5°
Body: die-cast aluminium housing
Color: black
IP rating: IP65 (front and rear)
Panel weight: 12kg
Weight per square meter: 24kg
Hanging Panel Quantity =: 10
Compliant Standard: CE, EMC, UL

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