HILL QPA-2800 effektforsterker

4 x 450W/4 Ohm

Varenr: QPA-2800-HI
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The QPA2800 follows contractor requirements for a compact, powerful and easy-to-handle 4-channel amplifier to drive multichannel low-impedance loads. Built on the proven LPA series’ technology, this amplifier basically comprises of two LPA1400 in one case. Each pair of channels can be run in stereo, bridge or parallel mono mode. A newly designed high-CMRR input circuit proves useful where source and amplifier are far apart. The LPA-based hybrid approach to amplification, using proprietary digital control of limiters and filters while retaining a purely analogue signal path, gives high dynamic reserves without compromising tonal purity. Proven linear power supply technology yields predictability at any power level. Two large 3 colour LCD displays clearly indicate the status at any time, and are legible from long distances. Sources can be connected via Combo input sockets or 3.5mm Phoenix terminals, and loads can be connected both via Speakon and via terminal strips.

Linear quadruple power amplifier
Bipolar transistor output stages, 2O stable
Class AB topology
2+2 channel dual block design
Stereo, parallel mono and bridge operation modes for each amplifier block
Toroidal transformer
Temperature-controlled dual fan cooling
Two 71-segment 3-color LCD displays with level meter, temperature readout and status indication
Digitally controlled limiter and input high-pass filters
Ultra-high CMRR input circuit for long distances between source and amplifier
Combo input sockets
Complementary Phoenix-compatible input sockets
Speakon-compatible output connectors
Additional terminal strip outputs
PoCon AC input
Resettable circuit breaker for AC input
Front-detachable air ventilation filter frames

Power, dual stereo: 4×280/450/700W @ 8/4/2 Ohms
Power, dual bridged: 2×900/1400W @ 8/4 Ohms
Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz +/- 1dB
THD < 0.03%
Damping factor > 300
Dimensions: 483×88.5x425mm WxHxD
Weight 24.3kg














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